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Halloween Imagery Appears Amongst October Estate Property: Part 1


Mexican enamel and sterling silver snake necklace, $300-500.

Mexican enamel and sterling silver snake necklace, $300-500.

A slithering snake weaving its way through a glowing skull. Mexico’s Day of the Dead, when spirits are believed to be briefly released to rejoin the earthly realm. Whether as a Halloween dressing or a nod to the ghostly Mexican tradition, this snake necklace casts an eye-catching spell.

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Pack Your Bags, We’re Taking an Auction Journey! Part 2

Yellow Gold Neck Chain

18K YELLOW GOLD NECK CHAIN, Estimate: $3,500/4,000

Next we’ll dive into the Jewelry Department’s unique April highlight.  A custom-made necklace containing gold samples recovered from sunken treasure leads the department’s lots.  The Atocha was an infamous Spanish ship that met its demise in 1622.  Gold particles were recovered from the Atocha’s treasure trove and were then melted and blended to create this beautiful necklace for auction.  The 18 karat gold piece is a replica of an original wedding chain found on the ship, whose linked design symbolizes the unbreakable bonds of marriage (estimate $3,500-4,000).  Now, take off your imaginary scuba gear and get ready to walk into the world of archery…