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Eichler Estate Collection Finds New Home at Michaan’s

A truly exciting collection of Joseph Eichler furniture has found its way into Michaan’s modern sale, to be held on April 6, 2013.  The original, quality Eichler pieces are reason enough to grab your paddle, but the esteemed provenance could throw you into a bidding tizzy.  Over 15 lots of Eichler furniture pieces from an Eichler family estate were secured by Michaan’s Modern Design Specialist, Greg Favors.  Greg is undoubtedly excited to present the furniture treasures to the public, noting, “The Eichler collection pieces at Michaan’s are a great find on many levels.  Not only did they come out of a model Eichler home, but are from an actual Eichler family residence.  I personally find an Omni shelving unit and CSS wall unit to be highlights of the sale.  Their open designs are classic Eichler and honestly appear as if they were plucked out of an Eichler home.  Both pieces display characteristics collectors vie for: they are rare, of signature style, are very functional and practical and are in great condition to boot.”

1953 Eames LCW Transitional Chair in Birch

1953 Eames LCW Transitional Chair in Birch.

The Eichler collection pieces will be part of an over 200 lot sale, featuring modern designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Peter Hvidt, George Nelson, Harvey Probber and Nakashima.  So, whether you get your hands on one of these coveted Eichlers or not, you can still come out a modern winner!