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Awesome Mid-Century Modern Art That Inspires

Whether you are studying art on your own or you are taking a class at school, mid-century modern art is a style you are sure to enjoy learning more about. You can sometimes find pieces at estate liquidators if you want to own a piece of this art for yourself. There are several artists and specific pieces that are iconic and what people want to learn about first as these represent the best aspects of this period in art history.

Popular Chairs in Mid-Century Modern Art

The Tulip Chair and Papa Bear Chair are two of the most popular chairs of the time period. In fact, the Papa Bear is still common today and it was initially created by Hans Wegner. Both chairs have a retro design, but the Papa Bear almost perfectly combines retro and contemporary design. You can usually find a coordinating ottoman with this chair, giving it a recliner feel and level of comfort. Chairs in this style are still pretty common today in a diverse array of fabrics and colors. The Tulip is a chair traditionally constructed of plastic and like its name suggests, it looks like a tulip flower. You can find it in numerous patterns and colors.

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman.

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman.

Hans Wegner and His Artistic Talents

Hans Wegner is well-known for his furniture. He is a pioneer in this type of art, and when you learn more about him, you will be able to quickly recognize his styles and designs. Some of his most popular chairs include:

-Valet Chair

-Swivel Chair

-Flag Halyard Chair

-Ox Chair

-Wishbone Chair

-Shell Chair

-Sawbuck Chair

Two Hans Wegner Mobelfabrik Oak Wishbone Chairs

Two Hans Wegner Mobelfabrik Oak Wishbone Chairs

Exploring the Famous Art of Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn used his artistic talents to inspire his architecture. He was an architect who spent most of his career designing homes that for the time period were quite modern. When you see homes that he designed, they are pretty easy to recognize due to his unique style. One of his most famous properties is the Jesse Oser House in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. He designed this in 1940, but when you look at it, many of the elements look like the modern homes that you see built today. Elements like lots of windows and clean lines are major design factors in this home. This shows that Kahn was certainly ahead of the time period with his designs and creations.

You can see that mid-century modern art gave birth to a number of inspiring artists and famous pieces. Now that you know more about this style, you can start exploring the artists and pieces that you enjoy the most. If you are looking to own art from this period, consider visiting estate liquidators that might acquire art from this period.




Modern Brazilian Furniture: Hotter Than the Girl from Ipanema

It goes without saying that modern furniture is hot.  But what is becoming increasingly “quente” at the moment?  Modern Brazilian furniture.  The June 2013 issue of Art + Auction solely featured modern Brazilian furnishings in their column titled Must Haves.  Brazilian modernist furniture pioneer Joaquim Tenreiro (1906-1992) kicked off their list of picks, with his appropriately named “Sleepwalker Armchair” taking center stage.  When speaking of the modern Brazilian furniture movement, Tenreiro is an undeniable influence.  He is largely known as the father of modern furniture in Brazil, leaving behind an unrivaled design legacy that is revered to this day.

“Mesa Triangular” Table by Joaquim Tenreiro.

Michaan’s 20th Century Design Auction will feature a classic Tenreiro dining table known as the “Mesa Triangular” ($30,000-40,000).  The piece is quite cheerful with its bright yellow, triangular table top, but there is also something wonderfully unusual and otherworldly about it.  Tenreiro believed that Brazilian furniture should be “…formally light…A lightness which has nothing to do with weight itself, but with graciousness, and the functionality of spaces.”  The shape is somewhat reminiscent of the classic Star Trek symbol; beam me up to auction, Scotty!

“Mesa Triangular” Table by Joaquim Tenreiro.

The “Mesa Triangular” table will be offered amongst over 140 lots of modern furniture and decorations on Saturday, July the 6th at 1:00 p.m.  Previews will be held in Michaan’s Main Gallery the day before as well as the day of sale. Michaan’s Auctions is located at 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA 94501.


Snapshots from the Sale: Modern Furniture and Decorations

20th Century Modern Design Specialist Greg Favors:
“This is a truly special piece from an iconic artist.  This John Dickinson game table is from the private estate of his longtime friend and business associate, Larry Maloney. Dickinson’s signature use of white lacquer atop hardwood is classic in its understated  style.  The provenance alone should have bidders clamoring for the piece.”  Lot 3421, $3,000-5,000.

John Dickenson Gaming Table

John Dickenson Gaming Table

Fine and Modern Furniture and Decorations and Fine Jewelry
Auction: Friday, December 7, 2012
Previews: November 30 through December 2