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Prized Fall Gourd

Your kids have their Halloween pumpkin, you could have the ultimate “Gourd.”  This circa 1910 Dirk Van Erp and D’Arcy Gaw Gourd lamp ($25,000-30,000) highlights Michaan’s Arts and Crafts auction on Thursday, November 6, 2014.  The lamp is of an excellent overall condition, with sound seams as well as the absence of any damage or dents.  When lit, the piece casts a gorgeous glow; no carving required.




The illustrated auction catalog will be posted online at when it becomes available.  Previews open at Michaan’s Auctions on October the 31st to November the 2nd, as well as the day of sale, November 6, 2014.  For general information please call (510) 740-0220 ext. 0 or e-mail  Michaan’s Auctions is located at 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA 94501.