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Snapshots from the Sale: Fine Art – Joseph Dwight Strong Jr.

We are delighted to offer this large and important Joseph Dwight Strong Jr. oil painting in the fine sale.  Paintings of this size (24 x 37 inches) are rare for the artist.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for a private collector or public institution to acquire what is one of, if not the last, large format Hawaiian Islands figurative work of art by Strong Jr. still available for ownership.  Lot 2048, $60,000-90,000.

JOSEPH DWIGHT STRONG JR (American 1852-1899) "Diamond Head, Hawaii - Launching the Outriggers, 1888"

JOSEPH DWIGHT STRONG JR (American 1852-1899) “Diamond Head, Hawaii – Launching the Outriggers, 1888”


19th & 20th Centuries, American & European Fine Art Auction
Sale date: Saturday, December 1, 2012
Previews: November 30 through December 1


J.D. Strong Painting Journeys From Summer Appraisal to Winter Fine Sale

A summer appraisal event at Michaan’s Auctions unexpectedly unearthed an exceptional find for the winter fine sale season.  A woman from Dublin, California brought a painting she had inherited to Fine Art Specialist Thomas De Doncker for appraisal.  She went on to tell Thomas how both her and her sister inherited the painting after their father had passed away.  Their father had purchased the piece as well as another work by J.D. Strong at an unnamed auction in the early 1960s, because “he liked the subject.”  The sisters, unaware of the valuable art work they were in possession of, donated the smaller of the two paintings to the Goodwill over a decade ago.  Fortunately, they kept the larger piece and were thrilled to learn that they had quite a treasure on their hands.


JOSEPH DWIGHT STRONG JR (American 1852-1899) “Diamond Head, Hawaii – Launching the Outriggers, 1888,” Oil on canvas, 24 x 37 inches, Estimate: $60,000/90,000

J.D. Strong was one of the leading members of The Volcano School.  This was a group of non-native Hawaiian artists who painted dramatic nocturnal scenes of Hawaii’s erupting volcanoes.  Strong’s Hawaiian paintings are extremely rare and most of his works of this theme are relatively small.  Any work of his from this genre that is vintage or period Hawaiian, that is pre-1900, is even more rare due to the ravenous effect that the Hawaiian humidity had on the paintings.  Thomas’ awareness of the rarity of the piece caused him to reflect that, “Collectors of J.D. Strong’s work as well as period Hawaiian collectors will undoubtedly be thrilled that this painting will be up for auction on December first.  To my knowledge, a J.D. Strong of this size has never been offered at auction before.  I am delighted that it will now be a part of the fine sale at Michaan’s Auctions.”

The oil painting titled “Diamond Head, Hawaii – Launching the Outriggers, 1888” measures 24 x 37 inches.  The piece depicts a beautiful Hawaiian day in which natives in canoes are setting out to sea.  The painting will be offered at an estimate of $60,000-90,000 in the Fine Works of Art Auction on December 1, 2012.  For more information please call Michaan’s Auctions at (510) 740-0220 or visit us on the web at