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July 11 Appraisal Event find

A gentleman from San Francisco came to the appraisal event held on Wednesday, July 11th with this wonderful 19th century Bohemian enameled decanter.  He spotted it about one month ago in a pile of relative rubbish at a garage sale in San Francisco’s Mission District.  What appeared to be exceptional hand painting and a large punt at the base intrigued him and he ended up buying the wine vessel for $10.  Furniture and Decorations Specialist Elizabeth Dalton was in agreement of the fine art work and was quite impressed at the “amazing detail.”  They both noted the charming party scene depicting figures playing the doodle sack and hurdy gurdy as well as the band of gold leaf that handsomely finishes the piece.  Dalton estimated the decanter at $800-1,200, proving it to be quite a find indeed.

19th century Bohemian enameled decanter

19th century Bohemian enameled decanter


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