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July Annex Auction

Fireworks weren’t the only things to go sky high on the 4th of July; the Michaan’s Annex Auction went gangbusters!  When all was said and done, the auction was the second highest grossing Annex event in Michaan’s history.  So many people decided to make Michaan’s a part of their 4th of July fun and the packed warehouse was proof of that.  So what were people snapping up?  This pair of pictured dolls sold for $1,111 – I think the blond one looks just as shocked as I am.  There was also a lot of 26 “Gene” dolls in their original boxes which did $1,404; as long as Gene wasn’t used as a firework holder, I’m happy.

Asian lots seem to always have bidders chomping at the bit.  A large group of Chinese decorations included scholar’s objects such as bronze censers, cinnabar lacquer pieces and brush pots.  It blew all projections out of the water, selling for $2,925.  A hanging scroll of a horse marked Xu Beihong did the same, galloping out the door at $877.  With numbers like these, I think the Asian Department is on to something…

Doll Lot Sold for $1,111