Diamond’s Are Everyone’s Best Friend

While some may think that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the truth is that they are valued and coveted by everyone. Diamonds are more than just a stone, they are a symbol of love and a rare creation gifted to humanity from the depths of the earth. This makes them wildly valuable to many people all around the world and there have been entire industries built around the retrieval and sharing of these precious concentrated crystalline creations of carbon. They are the hardest naturally formed substance known to humanity and there is a rich history of desire behind every single diamond.

Granat Bros. Diamond, Platinum Ring

Granat Bros. Diamond, Platinum Ring, Sold for $16,520 at Michaan’s Auctions

Stunning Beauty Contained Within A Stone

At the most basic level of appreciation, diamonds are simply stunning. They are a masterful natural creation that requires an immense force and billions of years to create. Although people have attempted to replicate this process, it is impossible to truly capture the majesty and beauty of a naturally formed diamond. There is nothing else like a diamond that has ever been discovered on the planet and this gives it a value that can never be accurately evaluated. People can compare one diamond to the next, but attempting to compare a diamond to anything else will never accurately describe the beauty contained within one.

A Symbol Of Love

Part of what has made diamonds so meaningful and valuable is that they are a symbol of love. Just as love is rare and precious, so is a diamond. If there was ever anything that a diamond could be compared with, it is the feeling that we attribute to love. People will spend thousands of dollars at art auctions to get a diamond that acts a gesture of their love for someone special. However, neither the diamond that they give nor the love that they feel is accurately valued. Both are immeasurable beyond any comparison and each is unique unto itself. That being said, the gift of a diamond is the closest a person can come to measuring the intangible qualities of love.

Diamond, Platinum Wedding Ring Set

Diamond, Platinum Wedding Ring Set, Sold for $21,240 at Michaan’s Auctions

Value Shared Across The World

No matter the location, a diamond is always valuable. Currencies rise and fall in value, objects rise and fall in desire, but a diamond is always valuable due to its inherent rarity and the intensive processes that go into creating one. There are no two diamonds that are exactly alike, so each one is a rare gift that can be appreciated by anyone. A person can take a diamond to art auctions anywhere in the world and they will receive a price that reflects the beauty and rarity of each one. No one can ever say that a diamond is not valuable because there really is nothing else like one.