Asian Fine of June 2015, by the Numbers

Drumroll please (drrrrrrrr)……..The top five sale figures ladies and gents:

One – The auction realizes over $2.8 million USD, becoming Michaan’s second highest grossing Asian auction.

Two – Fu Baoshi’s Lady by the Bamboo realizes over seven times estimations at $1,410,000.

lady copy

Three – A victory sail (sale) of Lin Fengmian’s Boats at Shore, which more than doubles the high estimate at $88,500.

boats copy

Four – Bowled over by the sale of the Jiaqing period piece at over four times the high estimate for $82,600.

bowl copy

Five – A hot ticket found in Guangxu period ice chests, selling for over twelve fold estimates at $76,700.

ice copy

June ji zyr (auspicious day), xiexie (thank you)!