Annex Thursdays? I’m There!

It seems there is no stopping the Michaan’s Auctions Annex.  First came the new and improved location, moving the Annex to Building 20 on Monarch Street in Alameda, California.  The approximate 65,000 square foot auction room floor now boasts a showroom that houses 3,000 to 4,000 lots; a substantial step up from its old average of about 2,000 lots.  The new Annex was unveiled to the public in August of this year to record setting attendance levels and stellar sales.  So, why not keep a good thing going?  This was the exact sentiment of Michaan’s Auctions Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Scott Bradley.  Noting the success of the expansion, his next projected move for the Annex is to go from two sale days to three.

Michaan's Auctions Annex Auction Gallery

Michaan’s Auctions Annex Auction Gallery

The additional sale day will immediately go into effect.  The October Annex will begin on Tuesday the 9th and carry on to Wednesday and Thursday.  Bradley recognized the need for an additional day due in large part to the flood of property that had been streaming into the Annex.  “Annex customers, both buyers and sellers, have determined the growth that the venue has seen.  From our end, we aim to meet that demand.  So, not only did the expansion make sense, but the next logical step was to expand the sale itself.”  Bradley projects that attendance will grow exponentially.  If the growth of the Annex continues its upward climb, Bradley foresees the possibility of even more sale days as well as additional bin rooms.

One thing has remained constant about shopping at the Annex: the deals.  The Annex auction is made up of lots from liquidated estates and various consignors, so each sale offers a new treasure hunt.  The Annex is perfect for finding everything from unique home furnishings and artwork to fashion jewelry and collectibles.  Brands seen at the Annex include Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, Le Creuset, Wedgewood, Meissen and Steuben to name a few. Since most Annex lots do not have reserves, these retail brand items usually sell for a fraction of their department store price.  Shoppers now have more opportunities than ever at the Michaan’s Auctions Annex to find unique property that translates into amazing deals.

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  1. 1 Carol
    October 6, 2012 at 5:12 am

    Love love love the addition of Saturday preview, and the new location. What would encourage me to bid more is weekend pickup/pay; else I have to *really* want something to take time off work to get it (which happens alot, btw!).

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