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Learning More About the American Artist Percy Gray

When you are checking in with art auctioneers to find new pieces for your collection, you want to start by learning about some individual artists. This helps to narrow things down so that you can more quickly find what you are looking for. One American artist that many people find interesting is Percy Gray. Learn more about this artist to see if his work is something you might display in your office or home.

The Basics Concerning Artist Percy Gray

This American artist was born in San Francisco, California. He, whose first name was actually Henry, was born into a very artistic and literary family with very broad tastes. The painter was born on October 3, 1869 and he lived until 1952. He had his first exhibition in 1907 where his headland seascapes painting was shown at the Sketch Club.

PERCY GRAY - Marin Landscape with Eucalyptus Trees

PERCY GRAY “Marin Landscape with Eucalyptus Trees”

Learning More About the Career of Artist Percy Gray

Percy Gray started his career as an artist in approximately 1906. The American painter continued to produce works of art until he died in 1952, so his career lasted for more than 40 years. Gray kept his focus on just one artistic goal during this time period which is often described as modernist turmoil in terms of the landscape of art in the United States at the time. Gray was focused on the natural beauty of California and wanted to extract poetic reverberations from the nature that he saw.

Learning More About Percy Gray’s Most Popular Paintings

There are a number of paintings from this artist that you may have seen and not even realized it. Learning more about his art will help you to better identify his work when you see it. This is critical if you are looking to find his work at art auctions. The following are some of the artist’s most popular paintings:

  • Distant Hills, California
  • Autumn in the Hills
  • Farm and Eucalyptus
  • Landscape with Oaks and Stream
  • Eucalyptus with the Bay in the Distance
  • Farm Beneath Mt. Tamalpais
  • Mount Tamalpais
  • Oak Grove in a Blue Mist
  • Monterey Dunes
  • Mt. Tamalpais with Haystacks
  • Pasture in Spring
  • Slanting Oak
  • Oaks near Ranch, Carmel Valley
  • Quarry near Spring Valley Lakes
  • View Through the Trees
  • Spring Landscape

You can clearly see that landscapes are what this artist focused on. He looked at the natural landscapes, especially wooded areas, and created paintings that represented what he saw right in front of him.

Now you know more about the artist Percy Gray and some of his more famous work. When you head to the art auctioneer’s, you can start keeping an eye out for his work so that you can enjoy it in your home.


Popular Sculptures to Learn More About

When you visit an auction house, you see a wide array of art available. Sculptures are a very popular form of art. Learning more about some of the most popular sculptures in history gives you a chance to see what is out there and learn about the different styles.

Bronze David

"David" bronze by Donatello

“David” bronze by Donatello

If you know a little about sculpture, you know that this work of art is one of the most popular sculptures in modern society. However, this masterpiece created by Donatello was made in the 1440s. The Renaissance period piece is freestanding, and it was the first of its kind when the artist created it. It features a nude male, David, sporting an enigmatic smile.

Savannah Bird Girl Statue

Sylvia Shaw Judson is the sculptress who created this work of art in 1936. The Lake Forest, Illinois artist’s work was featured on the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil novel cover in 1994 and that is largely responsible for its fame. The actual sculpture is approximately 50 inches tall and it is of a young girl who has a contemplative or sad expression.

The Discus Thrower

"The Discus Thrower" Greek statue

“The Discus Thrower” Greek statue

If you are familiar with Greek history and art, you have surely seen this sculpture before. It was created when the severe period was ending somewhere between 460 to 450 BC. There are a number of Roman copies floating around, but the original is thought to have been done in bronze. Many of the copies use other materials like marble.

The Kiss

"The Kiss" by Auguste Rodin

“The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin is a French sculptor who is responsible for this piece of art. It was made in 1889 and the original material used was marble. It shows a woman of the 13th century who falls in love with the little brother of her husband. If you are familiar with Dante’s Inferno, you may know a little bit about this sculpture. The two are going in for a kiss, but their lips never meet. While purely suggestive, many people who have analyzed the piece believe that the noblewoman’s husband caught them and the two lovers met their demise before they were able to be together.

Lady Justice

This sculpture is a major figure in the American criminal justice system. It is not associated with a single artist and it is used to show fairness and justice throughout the world. It goes back to the ancient Roman and Greek times where many people looked to a Goddess of law and justice.

As you can see, there are many sculptures to learn more about. As you learn more about this art form, you will be able to better identify sculptures when you are at an auction house.