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Popular Inca Art Forms

When you are perusing the art available at estate liquidators, you might find some interesting Native American pieces and you want to have a better understanding about what they are. It is easier to break it down by type and focus on learning about one type at a time. One popular option is Inca art. There are a number of options to learn about and once you do, you will better understand why Inca art is such as popular choice.

Inca Textile and Clothing

While these items are necessary for the Incas, they are also a type of art. They utilize fabric from a variety of sources, such as cotton, llama wool and alpaca wool. Textiles and clothing were a major part of the Incan society and all of the pieces had an artistic edge to it even when the items were created for a functional purpose.

INCA tunic

INCA tunic, Cotton and wool

Inca Pottery

The pottery created by the Incas goes back thousands of years. They never really focused on the human form like many other cultures did when creating different pieces of pottery. Instead, they put their focus on different geometric shapes and patterns in their pottery. It is also common to find pieces that depict the heads of different animals.


CHIMU/INCA VESSEL, Peru, circa 1000 – 1400 A.D

Inca Architecture

While you will not find this when you are perusing estates, it is still something that you want to know about. The Incas created exquisite architecture, especially since they did not have the technology to make what they made very easy. Their work was able to withstand natural disasters, including earthquakes, for centuries. You will see that the architecture created by the Incas is very characteristic and easy to spot.

Inca Jewelry

When you are looking at Inca art, this is one of the biggest things you will find and one of the easiest to collect compared to other forms of Inca art. The jewelry of the Incas often has a history that ensures that every piece is unique. They used a lot of gold in their jewelry and mixed it with other materials which makes the jewelry made by the Incas easy to recognize. Those who were not considered to be elite in the Inca society only wore jewelry for special occasions, so each piece had specific meaning.

Now you know more about Inca art and what to look for when you are exploring the different options at estate liquidators. Make sure to take note of the pieces and forms of art that you like the most so that it will be easier to spot once you see it. This allows you to easily find the Inca art that you want to add to your collection.

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