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Blazing Saddles: a Hot September Offering

Vintage D.E. Walker Visalia Stock Saddle Co. Saddle

Vintage D.E. Walker Visalia Stock Saddle Co. Saddle, a skirted saddle, fender and stirrups allover with basketweave design, stamped “Visalia Stock Saddle Co. San Francisco, Ca No. 20115”

Giddyup and raise them paddles partner.  Ride off into the sunset in September with one of seven authentic horse saddles to be sold at Michaan’s.  Whether your pocket jingles or is stuffed with a billfold, we’ve got you covered cowboys (and womenfolk too).  Estimates range from a low of $300 to a high of $2,000, with varied decorative motifs.  The saddles include concho motifs as well as basketweave, leafy poppy, leafy acorn, thistle and star designs.  The saddle leathers remain in wonderful condition, appearing in shades of cognac, chocolate, chestnut and black.  You can take your pick of vintage D.E. Walker Visalia Stock, S.D. Myres, Keystone Bros., Chas P. Shipley or parade saddles; oh and don’t forget the Western Circle Y brand Yoakum Texas saddle.  The illustrated auction catalog will be available for review at  Previews open at Michaan’s Auctions on August 30th to September 1st, the day of sale. For general information please call (510) 740-0220 ext. 0 or e-mail  Yee haw!

Vintage Parade Saddle

Vintage Parade Saddle, a square skirted saddle, fender, a breast collar, back cinch and stirrups allover with leafy poppy design, fitted with an engraved silver diamond border and “leather” conchos, unmarked


Kawase Hasui You Soothe My Soul

Kawase Hasui woodblock prints should be hung in every office.  At the moment, three stare at me from behind my computer, transporting me into a Japanese wonderland.  The trio starts with a glowing moon in a midnight blue sky peaking from clusters of tree branches in Toyama.  The next image is a hazy depiction of a boat docked on the still waters of Nagahama beach.  The last is an inviting night scene of steps leading up to Chuson temple in Hiraizumi.  Gazing at these sleepy, dreamy scenes feels like a mental massage; ahhh.

Kawase Hasui

Kawase Hasui (1883-1957): Kasuga Shrine at Nara and Meguro Fudo Temple – Woodblock prints

Kawase Hasui is a featured artist in Michaan’s first Asian Decorative Arts Auction.  The aforementioned pieces as well as seven additional woodblock prints from Hasui will be sold on Monday, October 7, 2013.  Wonderful furniture, jade and stone carvings, scholar’s implements, woodcuts and porcelains are also slated for the sale, with a lot total that continues to grow.

Asian Art Specialist Harry Huang is anticipating the category to do well for Michaan’s.  “I think that offering this specific genre of Asian art to our buyers in a specialized sale is a wonderful collecting opportunity.  Those who are especially interested in this category of fine antiques should find the sale to be a most worthwhile event.  I aim to build exciting auction offerings and am still welcoming consignments for the sale.  I can be reached at 510-227-2535 to assist anyone with consigning their property for this premiere auction.”

Previews will begin on Friday, October the 4th, continuing until the 7th, the day of sale.  I suppose I will enjoy the prints until then :-(.