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Exploring the Benefits of Collecting Collectible Penny Coins

When you are looking at California auctions, make sure to check out the collectible penny coins that might be available. There are so many options, so make sure to educate yourself about the different years and about the ones that might be especially valuable. However, no matter the ones that you choose, there are some benefits associated with collecting this type of coin. Once you know what these are, you will be ready to engage in this hobby on a more frequent basis.

United States $2 1/2 Gold Coin, 1911-D, AU

United States $2 1/2 Gold Coin, 1911-D, AU

Enjoy Coins that Are Rare

When people collect penny coins, one of the most exciting parts of the process is finding those unicorns that are incredibly rare. Not only will this give you some major satisfaction, but it gives you the chance to have something that few other people have. If you find the right rare coins, the worth could also set you up for life in terms of the financial aspect.

Challenge Yourself to Find the Best Collectible Penny Coins

US 1909 S VDB Penny

US 1909 S VDB Penny

It is exciting to collect penny coins and it is a constant challenge to look for those that you do not already have. For some people, collecting these coins is almost like a sport. You will find that as you start to find those on your in search of list that the act of continuing your search almost feels like a modern-day treasure hunt.

Earn Some Money on the Side

One of the biggest benefits to collecting these types of coins is to make some money. While not all of the pennies are worth big bucks, some of them are. However, even if the coins that you get are not worth big money when you get them, many of them will acquire value over time. It is a good idea to pick up those that you can get for a good price that have a high likelihood of increasing in value. This can help you to essentially invest for the future.

Learn More About Coins and Other Aspects of Society

All of the penny coins that are available have a unique story behind them that you can learn more about. This allows you to learn more about the history of the coin, as well as about things like the associated society, culture and politics as they relate to the coins.

You can see that collectible penny coins are a great choice for those who enjoy collecting coins and art. You now know why this hobby is beneficial and you know that California auctions are a great place to find these types of items. Just make sure that you are picking up the coins that best meet the direction of your collecting portfolio.

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Going, Going…Gone? No!

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Tip for Auction: Handling coins and stamps

Michael Rosenberg, Coin and Stamp Specialist:

I completely agree with Harry (see previous Tip for Auction post) and apply this rule to coins and stamps.  Also, when you are dealing with proof coins, make sure to use gloves when handling them; never touch them with your bare hands or you risk leaving spots.  I also highly recommend using tweezers when handling mint, unhinged stamps.

Michael Rosenberg, Coin and Stamp Specialist

Michael Rosenberg, Coin and Stamp Specialist


July 18 Appraisal Event find

A coin collector from Fremont brought this group of coins from his father’s collection to the appraisal event held on Wednesday, July 18th.  He chose Michaan’s Auctions as his first source of one-on-one appraisal after doing some of his own research online.  Coin and Stamp Specialist Michael “Misha” Rosenberg valued each coin to what the client felt was a “trustworthy appraisal.” He found the values given by Rosenberg to be more reliable and realistic than many of the augmented figures he discovered online; many were dealer projections with some inflated up to 4 times over the actual coin value.  As a result, he decided to return for another Michaan’s Auctions appraisal event where he would bring some of his high-end pieces for evaluation.

Coin collection brought to Wednesday Appraisal Event

Coin collection brought to Wednesday Appraisal Event

A busy day at the Appraisal Event

A busy day at the Appraisal Event

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