How the Designs of the Past Influence Trends of the Future

Trends come in cycles. It’s apparent in everything from fashion to interior design to art and lifestyle movements. They do come about as reactions to past trends and ways of living, but many trends are simply recycled versions of what came before. Seasoned designers understand this cycle and use it to their advantage. This is why art auctions are so valuable in the design world.

What’s Old Becomes New Again

Many trends hearken back to past decades for inspiration. Interior designers know how these trends come about and in many cases can even predict them. They additionally understand the fundamental aspects of classic trends that repeat themselves over the years. These aspects include functionality, simplicity, and balance. When pieces from history resurface at auction with some combination of these attributes, they will look good well into the future in addition to right now. Seasoned interior designers can spot these hallmarks of classic design from a mile away.

Art Auctions Offer the Best of Old Trends Making a Comeback

Classic furniture and decor will never go out of style. These are crafted from sturdy, fine materials like wood, stone, and metal, and have simple lines. If they do have details, they are elegant and not over-the-top. Auctions are a treasure chest for finding items like these, ones that will look good in any home. One of the reasons for this is that people tend to keep what’s timeless, and so an item is handed from person to person and lives a long life before eventually making its way onto an auction block.

However, trendy pieces are also hallmarks at an auction. Consider the mid-century modern trend, which finds its roots in the 1950s and 60s. New pieces are being manufactured and sold in modern stores that exactly mirror pieces from 60 years ago. Go to an auction, however, and one can find original mid-century modern furniture made in the era that birthed it.

Good Designers Respect the Past

No décor was created in a vacuum. All design springs from inspiration from other sources. Good interior designers are well aware of this fact and use it to their advantage. They have respect for original pieces from past eras that are in style again, and they understand how past trends can morph into something new.

Art Auctions are one of the best places to find where trends start, or where inspiration for new trends is born in the first place. This format specializes in the sale of the unique, the historic, the valuable, and the special. At auction, what is old and has potentially lost its value for one person transforms into something new and full of value for someone else. In this vein, good interior designers are able to see the potential in objects, art, furniture, and the like that perhaps have not made it back onto the trend radar. In these instances, a new trend might be in the wings.

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Learn More About the Andy Warhol Museum

When it comes to art auction houses, you can find a variety of art that is inspired by Andy Warhol. However, if you want to really immerse yourself in his work, you are in luck because this creative genius has an entire museum dedicated to it. There are so many different types of art that you can explore that he did while he was actively creating. Before visiting, taking a little time to learn more about the museum ensures that you can properly plan for your trip.

Andy Warhol Museum

Museum Basics

This museum was created to be a shrine to the work that Andy Warhol created. You surely know that he is responsible for creating a new genre of art, so his pieces have been used to inspire people for decades. Once you step foot into this museum, it is almost like you are entering his mind. The largest collection of his art is placed in this museum. Nowhere else in the world even compares in terms of the sheer amount of work that is available for you to see. In addition to art, there are also archives for you to take a look at.

This museum is relatively easy to find. All you have to do is head to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Once you are there, have a local point you in the direction of 117 Sandusky Street.

Touring the Museum

This is a museum that will honestly take several trips if you really want to be able to take your time and look at all of the art that is present. There is an underground, as well as seven floors, giving you a total of eight floors of his art to consume. If you only have a day, you want to make sure that you arrive as soon as they open and make sure to plan the pieces that you want to see the most so that you do not leave without seeing the work that inspired you the most.

Programs to Know About

In addition to the regular collection and opportunities that are always available, you can also find special programs that you might be able to take part in. If you are a student, educator, teen or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you can talk to someone at the museum to learn more about the special programs that are offered.

You can see that heading to the Andy Warhol museum allows you to immerse yourself in his art like no other way can. In addition, however, you can also look for pieces that are being sold at art auction houses if you have a goal of owning something that he created.

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Learning More About the American Artist Percy Gray

When you are checking in with art auctioneers to find new pieces for your collection, you want to start by learning about some individual artists. This helps to narrow things down so that you can more quickly find what you are looking for. One American artist that many people find interesting is Percy Gray. Learn more about this artist to see if his work is something you might display in your office or home.

The Basics Concerning Artist Percy Gray

This American artist was born in San Francisco, California. He, whose first name was actually Henry, was born into a very artistic and literary family with very broad tastes. The painter was born on October 3, 1869 and he lived until 1952. He had his first exhibition in 1907 where his headland seascapes painting was shown at the Sketch Club.

PERCY GRAY - Marin Landscape with Eucalyptus Trees

PERCY GRAY “Marin Landscape with Eucalyptus Trees”

Learning More About the Career of Artist Percy Gray

Percy Gray started his career as an artist in approximately 1906. The American painter continued to produce works of art until he died in 1952, so his career lasted for more than 40 years. Gray kept his focus on just one artistic goal during this time period which is often described as modernist turmoil in terms of the landscape of art in the United States at the time. Gray was focused on the natural beauty of California and wanted to extract poetic reverberations from the nature that he saw.

Learning More About Percy Gray’s Most Popular Paintings

There are a number of paintings from this artist that you may have seen and not even realized it. Learning more about his art will help you to better identify his work when you see it. This is critical if you are looking to find his work at art auctions. The following are some of the artist’s most popular paintings:

  • Distant Hills, California
  • Autumn in the Hills
  • Farm and Eucalyptus
  • Landscape with Oaks and Stream
  • Eucalyptus with the Bay in the Distance
  • Farm Beneath Mt. Tamalpais
  • Mount Tamalpais
  • Oak Grove in a Blue Mist
  • Monterey Dunes
  • Mt. Tamalpais with Haystacks
  • Pasture in Spring
  • Slanting Oak
  • Oaks near Ranch, Carmel Valley
  • Quarry near Spring Valley Lakes
  • View Through the Trees
  • Spring Landscape

You can clearly see that landscapes are what this artist focused on. He looked at the natural landscapes, especially wooded areas, and created paintings that represented what he saw right in front of him.

Now you know more about the artist Percy Gray and some of his more famous work. When you head to the art auctioneer’s, you can start keeping an eye out for his work so that you can enjoy it in your home.


Popular Sculptures to Learn More About

When you visit an auction house, you see a wide array of art available. Sculptures are a very popular form of art. Learning more about some of the most popular sculptures in history gives you a chance to see what is out there and learn about the different styles.

Bronze David

"David" bronze by Donatello

“David” bronze by Donatello

If you know a little about sculpture, you know that this work of art is one of the most popular sculptures in modern society. However, this masterpiece created by Donatello was made in the 1440s. The Renaissance period piece is freestanding, and it was the first of its kind when the artist created it. It features a nude male, David, sporting an enigmatic smile.

Savannah Bird Girl Statue

Sylvia Shaw Judson is the sculptress who created this work of art in 1936. The Lake Forest, Illinois artist’s work was featured on the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil novel cover in 1994 and that is largely responsible for its fame. The actual sculpture is approximately 50 inches tall and it is of a young girl who has a contemplative or sad expression.

The Discus Thrower

"The Discus Thrower" Greek statue

“The Discus Thrower” Greek statue

If you are familiar with Greek history and art, you have surely seen this sculpture before. It was created when the severe period was ending somewhere between 460 to 450 BC. There are a number of Roman copies floating around, but the original is thought to have been done in bronze. Many of the copies use other materials like marble.

The Kiss

"The Kiss" by Auguste Rodin

“The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin is a French sculptor who is responsible for this piece of art. It was made in 1889 and the original material used was marble. It shows a woman of the 13th century who falls in love with the little brother of her husband. If you are familiar with Dante’s Inferno, you may know a little bit about this sculpture. The two are going in for a kiss, but their lips never meet. While purely suggestive, many people who have analyzed the piece believe that the noblewoman’s husband caught them and the two lovers met their demise before they were able to be together.

Lady Justice

This sculpture is a major figure in the American criminal justice system. It is not associated with a single artist and it is used to show fairness and justice throughout the world. It goes back to the ancient Roman and Greek times where many people looked to a Goddess of law and justice.

As you can see, there are many sculptures to learn more about. As you learn more about this art form, you will be able to better identify sculptures when you are at an auction house.


Taking a Deeper Look at Native American Artifacts

When you visit estate liquidators, you often see a wide variety of art. Native American artifacts have always been a popular choice throughout the world because they are intricate and have a rich history. The key is knowing what you are looking for if you are seeking out pieces that are not only popular but also valuable.


This is a popular type of Native American art that goes back to approximately 1890. They are done by a Sioux-Metis artist from either South Dakota or North Dakota. They feature different materials, such as glass, cotton, tanned leather and brass beads. They have intricate sewing and stitching, as well as specific paintings or drawings on them that are specific to the tribe that they are made for.


This piece of art goes back to about 1850, and while it is simple in terms of its looks, it has deep meaning. The artist for this piece of art is Arikara and when you are looking for this art, you usually find it with tribes associated with North Dakota. The materials that are common with this type art typically include native tanned leather, buffalo rawhide and pigment.

Human Effigy Pipe

This piece of art dates all the way back to approximately between 1100 and 1200 and it might also be referred to as the Morningstar or the Hero Redhorn. Tribes associated with Mississippi are usually those who make this type of art. However, you might also see it among tribes in Missouri and Oklahoma.

Pair of Parfleche Envelopes

This intricate and colorful Native American art was common between 1900 and 1910. The artist for this kind of art is common in tribes in South and North Dakota. They are often referred to as Teton Sioux. The materials that are used to create these might include rawhide, glass beads, metal cones, native tanned leather, porcupine quills and horsehair.

Girl’s Belt

There are a wide array of belts, but those associated with the southern Cheyenne tribes in Oklahoma might be as old as having been made in 1884. Multiple materials are usually combined and could include native tanned leather, glass beads, cowrie shells, bone, pigment, wood beads, metal keys, German silver, metal cones, brass beads, deer’s tail, shell and brass gear. These are often made for the person who is receiving it, so you will find that all of the ones that are available usually look different and utilize a different combination of materials.

As you can see, there are many Native American artifacts that you can find at estate liquidators. Consider the pieces listed above as a starting point as you are looking to learn more about this type of art.


Exploring Popular Mid Century Modern Art

When you are looking for mid century modern art, estate liquidators are a very popular option for finding it. There is so much to know about this type of art, so start with a few of the basics concerning pieces and artists. This will help you to explore some of the foundational elements of this art type.

Hans Wegner

This artist put his talents to use when it comes to furniture. The Danish designer specialized in mid century modern styles and he created a lot of chairs. There are a number of designs and styles that when people see them, they automatically think about Wegner. However, there are a few specific styles that are some of his most popular, and these include:

  • Shell Chair
  • Wishbone Chair
  • Sawbuck Chair
  • Swivel Chair
  • Ox Chair
  • Valet Chair
  • Flag Halyard Chair

Papa Bear Chair

The Papa Bear chair is another creation of Hens Wegner. This style is still very popular today because its looks almost perfectly marry contemporary and retro style. The chair has an armchair look, but the arms leave a gap between the seat of the chair and the bottom of the arms. It comes in a number of colors, and over the years, multiple different fabrics have been used, including leather and suede. In many cases, the chair comes with a matching ottoman, allowing the person sitting in it to kick back and relax.

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman

Tulip Chair

The tulip chair was very popular in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. It has a very retro design and is traditionally made from plastic. It looks similar to a tulip and this is where the name comes from. There is a cushion on the seat of the chair that comes in almost every color and pattern you can imagine.

Louis Kahn

Kahn was an architect whose designs were largely based on this type of art. He created homes that utilized a more modern flair and when you look at them, it is easy to see the influence of this art type. For example, in 1940 in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, the artist created Jesse Oser House. At the time, this home was incredibly modern in terms of its overall design. It features clean lines and plenty of windows. Even using today’s standards of modern design, this home would be considered to be modern, so the artist was certainly ahead of his time.

As you can see, this type of art is very diverse and includes everything from architecture to paintings to furniture. Once you learn a little about popular pieces and artists, you will better know what to look for when you visit estate liquidators.


Cool Information About American Artist Percy Gray

Art auctioneers get a chance to explore a vast array of art from all over the world. There are numerous artists and works that they learn about and present to those attending art auctions. One artist that many auctioneers enjoy is Percy Gray, an American artist. If you look at some of his work, you are sure to recognize some pieces since much of his art is very famous. If you are new to art, this is a good artist to start with due to his interesting life, techniques, and vast body of work.

Percy Gray - Mountain Landscape with Cows

PERCY GRAY (Californian 1869 – 1952) “Mountain Landscape with Cows” Watercolor on paper

The Early Life of This Iconic Artist

Percy Gray was born on October 3, 1869 and he hails from San Francisco, California. He was born with the given name Henry, not Percy. His family has a history of being proficient in the arts and in literature. This artist enchanted the world with his art until his death in 1952.

Percy Gray - Majestic Oaks with Poppies

PERCY GRAY (American 1869-1952) “Majestic Oaks with Poppies, 1923,” Watercolor on paper laid to board

A Brief Telling of the Career of Percy Gray

It was approximately 1906 when Gray began his foray into the world of art. He had a career that spanned approximately 4 decades in which he created an array of unique and stunning pieces. In 1907, the Sketch Club hosted an exhibition and this is where Gray first had the chance to show his work to a broad audience. Throughout his career, Gray was a rather focused artist when it comes to style, making it relatively easy to spot his work once you are familiar with it.

He created a variety of landscape works that were described as modernist turmoil in terms of style. Much of his work was focused on his home state of California and the natural beauty that it possessed. He spent a lot of time exploring nature to inspire his works which were said to be poetic reverberations of the nature that he saw. He worked to recreate the nature he saw and had a lot of focus on places that had wooded areas.

Percy Gray - Occidental: Tending the Garden"

PERCY GRAY (Californian 1869-1952) “Occidental: Tending the Garden” Watercolor

He has many famous paintings that you can explore to see more about his style:

-Spring Landscape

-Quarry Near Spring Valley Lakes

-View Through the Trees

-Oaks Near Ranch, Carmel Valley

-Pasture in Spring

-Monterey Dunes

-Mount Tamalpais

-Slanting Oak

-Mt. Tamalpais with Haystacks

-Oak Grove in a Blue Mist

-Distant Hills, California

-Autumn in the Hills

You can certainly see why many art auctioneers are fascinated with the life and work of Percy Gray. He is certainly unique in many ways and created art that has inspired many artists. As you learn more about art and those responsible for it, make sure to take the time to learn more about Gray.

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Memorable Native American Artists Collectors Talk About

Native American artifacts from the most famous artists are unique and intricate. Not only are they visually stunning, but every piece has a story. They are handcrafted and often created using primitive tools and means. This ensures that every piece is unique. If you are ready to explore this type of art, in addition to reading about it, you can check out estate liquidators to see it in person and maybe try to own a piece for yourself.

Merritt Johnson

This artist is a Blackfoot and a Mohawk. Her body of work is both distinct and familiar at the same time due to her multidisciplinary approach. Many experts and art lovers remark about how her work makes you dig deeper concerning your perceptions and beliefs concerning community, social protection and camouflage, and the relationship that humans have with the land. She typically incorporates various organic and natural elements into her art, such as shells and fur. This is often combined with unconventional media, making her pieces unique and easily recognizable.

Nicholas Galanin

This artist is Aleut and Tlingit. His work is unique and more contemporary than many other famous Native American artists. He uses an array of music and multimedia to create pieces that possess a passionate, singular and autonomous voice. He crates from a revolutionary indigenous perspective and it gains power from sovereign indigenous creativity.

Frank Buffalo Hyde

This artist is Nez Perce and Onondaga. He is a visual artist and multimedia painter. He utilizes brilliant colors, playful surrealism and graphic design to create a variety of unique and colorful pieces. He strives to start a conversation with every piece that he creates. He wants to create an exchange of information among those of different backgrounds throughout the country.

Votan Henriquez

This artist is Nahua and Maya. He takes a lot of his art to the streets of the city, so it has a very contemporary edge. He utilizes graffiti culture and street art to create pieces that give his perspective on what is considered to be mainstream in the United States concerning creative expression. Much of his work can be found in Los Angeles, California; however, he is working on a project that will be the largest of his career at the Minneapolis American Indian Center. His work shows a devotion to and a passion for community. He wants his art to depict what real life is like for people in the communities where his art is displayed.

Now you know more about some of the most famous Native American artists. You can use this information to spur your interest in this type of art. You can check out estate liquidators to find pieces from your favorite Native American artists.


Famous Paintings That Serve as Inspiration for Artists Everywhere

When you head to art auctions, you find an array of paintings from artists all over Europe. Knowing about some of the most famous and inspiring paintings from this area of the world is a great way to start learning more about it. There are certain paintings that have inspired generations of artists that you should know about.

The Scream

This is a famous painting that was created by Edvard Munch. It shows a blood red sky and an agonized figure is the focus of the painting. In various media, the artist created a number of different versions of this painting. In 1893, the most popular version was created. Many versions of this work of art were stolen at some point, but thankfully recovered.

Girl With a Pearl Earring

Het meisje met de parel (Girl with a Pearl Earring)

Johannes Vermeer “Het meisje met de parel (Girl with a Pearl Earring)” circa 1665

This painting was created by Johannes Vermeer, an artist that is rather mysterious and there is not a lot of information about him. Whether this work was commissioned is not known and the year it was done also remains a mystery.

Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus

Sandro Botticelli “The Birth of Venus”

This famous piece of art was created between 1485 and 1487 by artist Sandro Botticelli. This painting is of Aphrodite (in Greek mythology) or the goddess Venus. It shows her on a shell emerging from the sea, which is the story that the myth uses to describe her birth.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Claude Monet “Water Lilies”

This is not a single painting, but a series of about 250 paintings that are all hung in museums throughout the world. The inspiration for this piece was the artist Claude Monet’s personal flower garden. In fact during the last three decades of this life, his garden is where he derived most of his artistic inspiration. This painting is one of the most famous of the Impressionist movement.


This famous painting was created by Pablo Picasso. It was created to show the suffering that innocent civilians experience as a result of war. In mid-June of 1937, this painting was completed and it was inspired by the Guernica bombing that occurred during the Spanish Civil War.

Night Watch


Rembrandt “Night Watch”

If you are a fan of the artist Rembrandt van Rijn, you are surely familiar with this painting. It depicts Captain Frans Banning Cocq and his lieutenant leading a city guard that is moving out. Up until the 1940s, this painting had a dark varnish that changed the way it was viewed. In the 1940s, the varnish was removed.

You can see that there are several famous paintings that were created by a variety of artists from Europe. You can look for paintings inspired by these at art auctions to help bolster both your art collection and your knowledge of art.

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Awesome Mid-Century Modern Art That Inspires

Whether you are studying art on your own or you are taking a class at school, mid-century modern art is a style you are sure to enjoy learning more about. You can sometimes find pieces at estate liquidators if you want to own a piece of this art for yourself. There are several artists and specific pieces that are iconic and what people want to learn about first as these represent the best aspects of this period in art history.

Popular Chairs in Mid-Century Modern Art

The Tulip Chair and Papa Bear Chair are two of the most popular chairs of the time period. In fact, the Papa Bear is still common today and it was initially created by Hans Wegner. Both chairs have a retro design, but the Papa Bear almost perfectly combines retro and contemporary design. You can usually find a coordinating ottoman with this chair, giving it a recliner feel and level of comfort. Chairs in this style are still pretty common today in a diverse array of fabrics and colors. The Tulip is a chair traditionally constructed of plastic and like its name suggests, it looks like a tulip flower. You can find it in numerous patterns and colors.

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman.

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman.

Hans Wegner and His Artistic Talents

Hans Wegner is well-known for his furniture. He is a pioneer in this type of art, and when you learn more about him, you will be able to quickly recognize his styles and designs. Some of his most popular chairs include:

-Valet Chair

-Swivel Chair

-Flag Halyard Chair

-Ox Chair

-Wishbone Chair

-Shell Chair

-Sawbuck Chair

Two Hans Wegner Mobelfabrik Oak Wishbone Chairs

Two Hans Wegner Mobelfabrik Oak Wishbone Chairs

Exploring the Famous Art of Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn used his artistic talents to inspire his architecture. He was an architect who spent most of his career designing homes that for the time period were quite modern. When you see homes that he designed, they are pretty easy to recognize due to his unique style. One of his most famous properties is the Jesse Oser House in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. He designed this in 1940, but when you look at it, many of the elements look like the modern homes that you see built today. Elements like lots of windows and clean lines are major design factors in this home. This shows that Kahn was certainly ahead of the time period with his designs and creations.

You can see that mid-century modern art gave birth to a number of inspiring artists and famous pieces. Now that you know more about this style, you can start exploring the artists and pieces that you enjoy the most. If you are looking to own art from this period, consider visiting estate liquidators that might acquire art from this period.